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Different dashboards???

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Hi everyone im fairly new to the vortex and altough i have an A3 and spent most of my time in that forum i previously owned an A2 and enjoy having great tomes remembering my car and wondering what it COLUD be.
Today was here in the A2 forum with my friend who owns an A2 and saw a dashboard in the tex that has some kind of red "arrow" on the top.
Whats this? i only knew it came in 16v models,my friend´s its 8v and in that place has the temp.Maybe this has been covered a lot of times but i wasnt aware of this..... Thanks a lot¡¡ http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Different dashboards??? (Mex gti)

Are you talking about the upshift light?
Re: Different dashboards??? (Weaver)

If youre talking about the upshift indicator, the earlier A2 cars had them up to '88 or so I think.
Re: Different dashboards??? (tram)

and they suck. trust me you dont want it
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Re: Different dashboards??? (Tarmac)

quote:[HR][/HR]and they suck. trust me you dont want it
He's right.
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Re: Different dashboards??? (Mex gti)

Hey Mex,
Any chance you could get me a measurment from a Derby I need to know what size the dash is. I am thinking about using one for a MK II conversion.
Email me si puedes.
Re: Different dashboards??? (1992jetta-2)

God those upshift lights suck. I had one in my 85 GTI, and when I first got the car I was like, whoa. This is pretty cool. So I'd upshift every time the light flashed. After a while you start to realize that shifting at 3grand ain't quite the optimum powerband. And sometimes the light wouldn't even light up till about 6500, go figure. These things are kinda' uncool.
Re: Different dashboards??? (2drJettaVR6)

Thanks Everyone,as i said i didnt know of this (even i owned an A2) but my friend was curius.2doorvr: Sure,i can get you the dash dimensions,you should check this year model,coolest of all e-mail me at [email protected] or IM me,have you seen a SEAT front spoiler on an A2? Yummm. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Different dashboards??? (Mex gti)

those upshift lights are BRILLIANT, i love mine.
Re: Different dashboards??? (The_Hamster)

everyone seems to hate the shift light for no good reason, if you don't like when it tells you to shift, then just ignore it! sometimes when i have my stereo up really loud and i can't hear my engine it's actually helpful because it reminds me to shift, i'll be doing 5000rpm in 2nd gear for no good reason and then i'll catch the shift light out of the corner of my eye and feel like a real @ss for forgetting to shift!
Re: Different dashboards??? (Mex gti)

Hey Mex gti, bienvenido a bordo. This is the first time I saw someone posting from Mexico, DF.
Seguro le vas a las Chivas
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