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Digi-1 16v turbo question.

Hey everyone just got my friends 16v turbo up and running yesterday.. here are the specs and also the issues we are now having..

1989 Gti 1.8l 16v
t3/t4 turbonetics turbo.
Digi 1 ecu as management wired into the car.
The ecu is stock no chip in it.
400cc Brown Top injectors

The issues we seem to have is that it has nooo throttle response. It is running extremely rich and the car seems to misfire a little bit.

My question is when running the Digi 1 ecu since it normally uses an 8v distributor by using it on the 16v, will my 16v distibutor be making it dump tooo much fuel? Or should i just swap it out for g60 injectors, or look into using the SNS 16vT chip to help manage the fueling and timing with the bigger injectors? Thanks again.

I dont know why i wrote Digi2 in the Title haha its early i apologize :rolleyes:

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im sure its running poorly because youre using HUGE injectors with a stock chip (relatively speaking)... put the stock injectors or something closer to stock back in there.

also, where do you have the copot adjusted?

id plan on getting really friendly with sns in order for that thing to really run right... and dont plan on running anything other than exactly the stock setup injectorwise until you have a chip.

i was never able to get too far with sns though, eventually ended up going standalone, and havent looked back since :)
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