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I have read threads, searched for hours, and looked at just about everything I can. Everything I find states the adjustment for the stock AFM for an 8v, or for a bigger BMW AFM for a 16v. But I couldn't find a recommended setting for a stock AFM on a 16v.

Reading Kens Digifant page, he recommends 3 clicks counterclockwise (loosening spring tension) for an 8v motor. This is currently where I am running mine.

Reading threads for the BMW AFM, they are up around 8-10 clicks!

So my question is, what would be recommended for the stock DIGI2 AFM on a 16v motor?

I have port work in intake, not sure about head work, TT down pipe with 2.5" exhaust w/out cat.

Just want to get this baby running as smoothly as possible. Right now the car runs great. Idles is right at 950 RPM's with minor fluctuations. But it just feels bogged down in the lower RPM range. Pulls great up top!

Also going to be looking into the SNS chip since it seems to be recommended over other chips in most the threads I have read. Need to check te ECU first to make sure it isn't already chipped.

Thanks guy,
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