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Re: Digifant Cam in CIS-E Head? (Digivalver)

The U.S. spec GTI cam, came in the PF, RD, and RV motors. It provides .4" of lift, over the .393: of the other cams.
I know it sounds like not much, but the inches of lift is one way to measure a cam. Duration at .05" of lift is 214
degrees to the olders 210/209 for the intake/exhaust. That is a difference. The lobe center remains the same at 110
degrees. The real interesting part is this. At .050" of lift, the GTI (or "g" cam) has the intake valve open at
-2.8* BTDC, as opposed to -5.6* BTDC for the older cam. The GTI cam has the part number "026 109 101 G" and the
older cam has the part number "026 109 101 A" To give you an Idea about how much this cam does infact make a
difference... It has more lift and duration than the 1.7 and 1.8 solid lifter cam!!!!!!!!! Mmmmm, BEEFY!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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