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Digifant Turbo!

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Does any one seen a Digifant Turbo. I know a lot of people say it cant be done or it is not worth it but I want to see
if anyone has actually tried building one up? I am very interested in this. It would be cool to build the first Digi Turbo!
Ps. I am not talking about G60 Digi.
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Re: Digifant Turbo! (kickster)

quote:[HR][/HR]I know I can get a G60 or a vr6 to get power. I am interested in building a 2.0 8v digi turbo. This has not been done or at least I have never seen it[HR][/HR]​
DUDE..u know what? DO IT
no lie man... friggin DO IT! FUK everyone and what they say "Cant" be done.... be the one that does it... make kits, parts, sell em... turn it into alil business. The only thing that digi 1 sux on is FUELING. It just cant give the car enough fuel... it will run lean as all hell most likely. But hey a small t3 turbo 4-5lbs of boost, small lil audi 5000 intercooler, talk to ams get them to burn u a "special" chip... with the 2.0, light gasket matched head, nice tall gear transmission, strong clutch, light flywheel, no ac, stock cam (or g-grind or something really mild since turbo's hate cams) and baaaaaaaaaaam u are at around 170hp to teh flywheel keeping up with the vrr's annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd u got a lighter car and BOOST
i say do it, u got nothing to lose, but make sure u have another car so when u blow this one up u have something to drive
I got faith in u man
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