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Digifant Turbo!

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Does any one seen a Digifant Turbo. I know a lot of people say it cant be done or it is not worth it but I want to see
if anyone has actually tried building one up? I am very interested in this. It would be cool to build the first Digi Turbo!
Ps. I am not talking about G60 Digi.
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Re: Digifant Turbo! (kickster)

It can be done.
I hear 4 or 5 lbs of boost.
Its all about retarding the timing when the boost kicks in.
If i had known digifants werent good for Turbo i woulda have
got a CIS-E engin.
Ohh well
Re: Digifant Turbo! (kickster)

whats their website ?
Just give me your digi engin
and buy a 1.8t
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Re: Digifant Turbo! (rebel_eye)

i think it would be wiser and earier to turbo the X-flow
but if it can be done right on a Digi i would REALLY be interested!
Whats more fun than blowing up an 8v
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Re: Digifant Turbo! (kickster)

hehehe YUP its called G60

160 HP stock
If i could find a nice charger for cheap i would go G60 for a little while

check the F.I forums
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1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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