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i have a 93 corrado. so it says, my headlights look like daytime running lights even with my high beams on. also there is a 6amp draw on the battery with the car off.
so here is part of the horror story leading up to this...
so i brought my car to a shad(y) tree mechanic that did a work on a co-workers corrado, and friends scirroco, his girls jetta and his dads jetta. so i figured this guy like dubs. well my mechanics solution was to hook up toggle switches to what was supposidly draining the batt.(this part pisses me off) he says " i think the switches go to the starter,fuel pump, abs, and a all kill. well the abs light does come on when i turn one off, the fuel pump runs reguardless when the car is running(so that switch is BS) the all kill switch does kill the car. and the last switch doesnt do anything i can tell. i still get the same draw with the ignition on or off and the toggle switches on of off. so needless to say the guy didnt fix anything over the 6 months my car sat there and over $600 i gave the douche. so im super pissed my car is worse off than before, im out 600 and no mechanic is gonna want to touch it without charging me to undo his f ups.
so if anyone can help or point me to a person who can would be greatly appreciated. im at the point of parting out the car if i cant fix these issues.
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