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Dirtbag ricers attack NJ

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So I was talking to this woman who lives in my apt. complex and she was telling me how her Integra had it's airbag stolen and the cop told her that another Acura was broken into in the complex as well. This is in North Brunswick.
Later that Saturday evening I'm reading the local paper (www.thnt.com) and there's an article on how the Xenon's on Acuras are getting jacked in Edison and Woodbridge. They mentioned 2 Audis but the rest were Acuras. A lot of the cars were getting jacked at the metro stations so city commuters should especially watch out.
Just a friendly warning to texers in Middlesex county and the rest of central Jersey. Knock on wood for all of us. (not that I have HID's but still)
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Re: Dirtbag ricers attack NJ (DCS)

oh I found the article:

Thieves hot for headlights

Published in the Home News Tribune 12/01/01
Police are investigating a rash of unusual and expensive thefts in Edison and Woodbridge: sets of headlights were pried from Acuras parked in lots in the Metropark train station area on Thursday.
Earlier this month, several sets of headlights were also stolen from Acuras in East Brunswick, police said.
The high-intensity Xenon headlights can cost up to $3,000 to install in the cars, but they are currently a popular add-on item for vehicles, authorities said.
When the headlights were pried from the vehicles, the cars sustained significant damage, said Edison detective Joseph Shannon.
And in some cases, it wasn't until after dark that the car owners discovered that their headlights were stolen.
In Edison, headlight assemblies were removed from four newer model Acuras parked in parking decks at corporate buildings on Thornall Street, police said. Edison also had reports of an attempted theft of an Audi, and another theft of an Audi Thursday from Thornall Street decks.
At 333 Thornall St., headlights were removed from three Acuras -- a 1999, a 2000 and a 2001, said Shannon.
And at 499 Thornall St., a set of headlights was taken from a 2002 Acura, he said.
Less than a quarter of a mile away in Woodbridge, headlights were taken from six Acuras parked in lots on South Wood Avenue: two 2002 models parked at 194 S. Wood Ave., a 2001 Acura parked at the Hilton Hotel; a 2000 and a 2002 model parked at 200 S. Wood Ave. and a 1999 Acura parked at 100 S. Wood Ave., police said.
Edison police ask that anyone with information call their tipline, at (877) 750-TIPS (8477).
from the Home News Tribune
Published: December 1, 2001

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Re: Dirtbag ricers attack NJ (DCS)

Those freakin bastards. Allways stealing something from other people.
Re: Dirtbag ricers attack NJ (DCS)

I hope they steal the badges on my brothers Sentra.
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Re: Dirtbag ricers attack NJ (RJetta8V)

Headlights being stolen off CL's and TL's is a big problem.....there is at least a dozen people who have had there lights stolen on the Acura CL board.
You can't have anything nice, so many scum bags around it amazes me.

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Re: Dirtbag ricers attack NJ (Beltfed)

It isn't rice anymore... it's beyond rice now, not even the garden variety rice boys are this bad
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Re: Dirtbag ricers attack NJ (Beltfed)

Acuras are a popular target because xenons are stock. Even with Audis and BMWs they're an option.
Re: Dirtbag ricers attack NJ (DCS)

A limo driver taking me to Newark airport several years ago told me that he had taken a vehicle in for a repair. It needed a new item. The person at the garage said that it would be (guess at the number) $450 today, but it would be $150 if he could wait until next week. The driver asked why the difference, and the person at the garage stated that the lower cost next week will be after "the boys" go to the Newark Airport parking lot to take the parts they need off cars.
Re: Dirtbag ricers attack NJ (PhilHVW)

Yeah but on the other hand fake xenon headlights are a sign of true rice, and the market and society seems to reward fakeness these days. Nothing wrong with putting real xenons on a car, but on the other hand these dirtbags who steal xenons are true scumbags.
Re: Dirtbag ricers attack NJ (David Votoupal)

Every now and again one of these crooks gets smoked, this one in front his entire "hangout" group
Here's a dork scumbag who was caught with a stolen WRX wing on his "ride". Note the quality install job of the wing that follows the theme of the mutliple stickers and hub-cap style rims.
Ok, maybe not but I'm about 90% sure it was my spoiler. We were cruising down St Joseph and saw this red car pulling out of Mr. Gas. I didn't notice the model but it was not a compact like a civic. More the size of a Talon. All riced up with a loud exhaust and stickers. Christine started pointing saying LOOK!!! LOOK!!! As it was turning I saw very clearly the outline of a 22B spoiler with the wing adjusted in the "downforce" position.
Unfortunately by the time we got turned around it was long gone. I've never seen a similar spoiler on a non-Subaru, not even anything close so I'm quite sure it was the one. Next time I believe I'll follow the car and get its license #. Maybe even where it lives...
Well... Good news everyone... There is now a nice red talon driving around Orleans without a big spoiler and some neat holes in the trunk.
Christine and I spent the evening cruising around and fortune smiled upon us. We spotted the car parked at Tims. We hopped out and I snapped a few photos of it in case they decided to run off. I called the cops on my cell and she blocked the car from leaving.
The spoiler was spray painted so poorly that they forgot to do the underside. It was still blue with the holes plainly visible from where it was ripped off. The owner of the Talon claims to have bought it from someone but all the same he mysteriously forgot who.
The cops arrived (3 cars full of them). After looking at the spoiler (holes and broken parts still quite visible) they made the talon owners remove it and right now it's impounded. At least it's not on the back of the Talon
Since it's been quite dammaged I don't care if I get it back or not. All the same it's not on the ass of a non-Subaru.

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Re: Dirtbag ricers attack NJ (Lexi)

Has your (local) government taken action on these morons yet?
Re: Dirtbag ricers attack NJ (David Votoupal)

quote:[HR][/HR]It isn't rice anymore... it's beyond rice now, not even the garden variety rice boys are this bad
At this point maybe it's wild long grain rice?
Either way, if some a$$hole did something like that to my car I'd be furious.
But if it was for the sake of ricing out their or someone else's car, American Heritage doesn't have a word that would describe how angry I'd be.
If only they'd offer the 'Kit'/'Nightrider' option.
Thug1 - Ok, get the crowbar I see Xenons
Thug2 - Alright, let's get these
Kit - Excuse me, I wouldn't appreicate you tearing my eyes off.
Thug1,2 - *confused at the talking car and run*
at least that's how it would happen on TV
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Re: Dirtbag ricers attack NJ (DCS)

This is actually fairly common all over the place....VW's are definately prone to having thier airbags stolen because they have such a high resale value on the black market....I've had a few friends in the Philly area have the air bags stolen. This will continue to be a problem as cars are being manufactured with high output lighting systems...etc...the cost will just be passed on to us sappy consumers who play by the rules....damn.
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