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Disabling Middle Brake Light

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I got a spoiler with a break light installed, but the brake light in the middle inside the car was not disabled. So I was wondering how this can be done? Thanks.
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Re: Disabling Middle Brake Light (weezeriskiller)

You can unplug it under the rear deck, kinda have to worm your hand in there, but you'll see the plug if you lay down in the back of the trunk.
don't ask me how I know...
Re: Disabling Middle Brake Light (jfost)

you can remove the rear deck by removing the 3 hooks and sliding it towrds the front of the car. The clip is right there. How do I know? just stripped a car
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Re: Disabling Middle Brake Light (2kjettaguy)

Thats a lot more work! Takes 30 seconds by just unplugging it from under the rear deck!
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