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Hello all, Lately I've been shopping for a newer Mk6 Golf R to use as a daily so I've been lurking around the online websites AutoTempest Truecar,Carvana,etc. and have not been having much luck with them.
I found what I thought was an excellent example on one site and messaged the dealership immediately,car had fairly low miles for its age.good color,stick shift.perfect pick for me. The dealer never even responded back (?!?) Three days later I tried again with a similar message asking about the car and leaving my phone number as well.Nothing! The next day the website phoned me to ask how things were going and I told them what happened.Their reply was that they don't really 'police' the ads,it's up to the dealer to handle all of the correspondence:| I was later advised by a family member to just move on,the dealer was either playing games or just lazy A$%&*.
The very next week a new vehicle appeared and caught my eye.I immediately contacted the dealer and they got right back to me within minutes,wow! I drove about 40 miles north of Philly to go look at it this past Friday 2/5/21.It was definitely a '50 footer' ,looked great from across the lot but up close,it was a disaster.The dealer had posted the ad without even bothering to go over the car or even inspecting it (!) ; literally just traded in a couple of days before.wow! Brakes were totally worn out,tires were shot with blisters on the sidewalls.All 4 wheels were curbed up really badly.Car had some sketchy mods though I admit my ears perked up when I first saw the car pics showing the hidden/stealthy boost gauge in the dash.The car was also poorly repainted on the driver's side C pillar,something must have whacked the car in the upper portion of it--no idea of what could have hit a car so high up on the side? The one sorta funny takeaway from this car was that it was so beat up,scuffed and scratched, badly repainted but not a single door dent,lol.
The thing that really ticked me off was that when I returned home and went online to check which cars were still posted,I noticed that I was now blocked from emailing the first dealer that I wrote to...the one that never wrote back to me,wtf? I was going to try one more time to ask them to work on the price to try to get it down a bit because their price was a good bit higher than most others of the same model year and mileage.I might try to contact the Carvana folks about it to let them know.Not sure what good it's going to do though if they do that to a bunch of people I suppose it could be considered sort of a fraud or suppression of feedback and reviews and all of that.I'm not able to post a review of their lack of customer service either;shocker!

So,I just wanted to tell my tale of getting the brush-off as well as being drawn in by flashy car photos that were anything but truthful.Let the buyer beware,indeed.
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