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Hi, I have seen multiple websites where European folks can update their maps for their Discover Media and Discover Pro systems. I have seen there is an application called DiscoverCare, but I cannot find it anywhere. I have found a location where navigation maps exist for various locations of the world, but not USA (How to use and update your Sat Nav system | Volkswagen UK).

I have a 2018 Passat (USA) with a Discover Media system, Volkswagen Navigation AS North America v5. I'm reluctant to buy a new set of maps, especially when there are instructions for updating them.

Does anyone have information on how to update my system?

Thanks in advance,


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I had the same issue trying to find updates for my 2019 VW Atlas. The Atlas has the MIB2 Discover Media 8 inch screen and came with V7 of the North American maps. From my understanding the maps are Infotainment based for VW models. MIB2 Platform is "AS" I've pasted a table below of what I've found. I'm trying to verify the latest version if anyone has tried it "V10" and to see if anyone knows of a Version 11 coming this year.

Considering that VW has released their MIB3 unit with automatic map updates I have a feeling that VW may have abandoned all MIB 2 unit owners so if V11 gets released it may be the last. I decided to do some digging around and it appears that VW has made updates to the North American Maps but the dealerships seem to be in the dark in terms of support on the Atlas. What I found was you need to know the actual SKU number to find them. Here is what I have found so far.

VersionYearRegion CodeRegionSKU - VW Part #PlatformInfotainment PlatformRelease DateModel Year
V52017/18NAR 2017/18North America3G0919866BHASMIB 2Sometime 20172018
V62018NAR 2018North America3G0919866BPASMIB 2
V72018/19NAR 2018/19North America5NA919866EASMIB 2 & 2.5November 1, 20182019
V82019NAR 2019North America5NA919866PASMIB 2 & 2.5August 1, 2019
V92019/20NAR 2019/20North America5NA919866AFASMIB 2 & 2.5February 18, 2020
V102020/21NAR 2020/21North America5NA919866AQASMIB 2 & 2.5August 1, 2020
V112021NAR 2021North America?ASMIB 2 & 2.5Unknown
V122021/22NAR 2021/22North America???Unknown

I've seen listings on eBay verifying in the buyer comments that V10 works on the Atlas with 2020/21 maps and I've seen Jetta owners verifying it too. Has anyone else tried this SD card yet. Its listed on VW Parts but it doesn't have details only that its a "SD Card". Also has any heard of or seen Version 11.

We are in 2021 this should be released soon unless VW has discontinued all updates to the MIB 2 & 2.5 Infotainment systems due to MIB3

Here is a Link to the latest Part
5NA919866AQ - Sd card. Group - Genuine Volkswagen Part
Genuine Volkswagen Part # 5NA919866AQ (5NA-919-866-AQ) - Sd card. Group
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