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posted this in my other thread but im making a diy so that people can search for it by title

heres the run down:

when the Clutch switch fails its the spring inside that fails which causes the plunger to be stuck inside the housing and not rebound..

a quick fix is to do what i did: take the sensor apart, and take the bigger part of the broken spring and stretch it, put it back into the switch and discard the smaller spring piece, your switch now works again and you saved 42.xx bucks

Due to confusion some people, myself included, have about these 2 switches heres descriptions and part numbers

CLUTCH switch 1J0 927 189 C

**if your car starts without pressing in the clutch, this sensor is bad(see above for quick fix)

removal is easy, located on clutch bracket, unplug and twist and the snsor pops out, when installing new sensor, pull plunger all the way out till it stops clicking, insert into bracket and twist


**if your cruise control doesnt work or your rpms hang during shifts, this sensor is bad
for removal and install reffer here: http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?1158315


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Just wanted to update this thread to the current information:
The clutch position sensor (blue) shown above is no longer used by vw/audi. They now use a similar but slightly beefier switch with the part number 6Q0927189 ($35.07). It has a similar ratcheting mechanism as the brake light switch found here

Meaning that installing the switch is a one shot deal. If you remove the switch from the car then you will no longer be able to lock the plunger again. Read the link above to understand how the mechanism works. Figured this all out after I had my master cylinder replaced and the old switch in the OP didn't even contact the clutch pedal when it was fully extended. The shop didn't know how to install the new switch so they broke it before it was even installed.

To install properly: Leave your clutch pedal alone, DO NOT depress it at all. Make sure there are no wires in the way of the slot where the new switch will go. Hold the switch with the slot for the harness on the bottom and slide it into the hole, once it is all the way in rotate the switch clockwise until you hear it click into the lock position. This will set the plunger to the exact length of your clutch pedal. Now that it is locked do not twist the other way to unlock it.
The hardest part here is aligning the switch the correct way, it will not go in with the slot for the wire harness on the top, it will only twist if it is inserted with the wire harness on the bottom (6 o'clock) when you twist it into place it is around the 8 o'clock position.
Hope this helps! :wave:

Some pics of the new switch:

The slot where the wire harness plugs into

This is how you should be holding it when inserting into the slot

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hey guys i'm looking to do this myself pretty soon here... does anyone have a picture of the clutch position sensor installed? i'm just wondering what all i need to remove in order to get at it. if anyone has diagrams that would be great.

edit: i found a diagram here:


#18 is the clutch position sensor (aka Clutch pedal switch)

edit 2: replacing this part fix my RPMs jumping up after disengaging cruise control using the clutch. the dealer couldn't figure it out and i dealt with it for a couple of years before finding the solution here on vwvortex. thanks!
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