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This DIY is how to change your Belt Tensioner on a 1.8t Audi A4 This was off a 1999 AEB Engine.
Is Mine Bad?
You can tell if your Belt Tensioner is going bad or is bad if you hear a whining sound when your start your car or your car is at idle...This signifies that your bearings are going bad inside the Belt Tensioner. Another way to tell is by taking the tension off the belt and spinning it by hand. If you hear any sound what so ever most likely its going bad?
What Tools do I Need?
You will need a 17mm wrench to release the tension
You will need one 13 mm wrench to break the bolts loose
You don't need but is helpful to have a 13mm gear wrench
You will also need a bungee cord (You will find out why later)
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How long is this going to take me?
It took me 30 Min's from start to finish
How much money is this going to cost me?
85 from ecstuning.com...Its cheaper other places but you cant put a price on their customer service...So I always order from them.

How do I take it off?
1st pop the hood and let the engine cool down...Grab a beer or some food. Then Loosen the tension off the bolt using the 17 mm wrench and turning the wrench clockwise.
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Then loose the three bolts that hold on the tensioner
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Then remove the tensioner by pulling up through the top of the engine bay...(Its really not that hard)
You will now have the empty space as seen below
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Now you can compare and make sure you have the right one
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Now you can install the new one the same way you took the old one out...But wait this is where the bungee cord comes into play...Once you have the new one bolted in and all ready to go...Your going to say to your self o **** my hand is to fat to fit down there and grab the belt to place it back over the alternator so using one hand you move the tensioner clockwise and using the other hand you lower the bungee cord down and hook the belt then pull it up and you can now place the belt over the alternator still holding the wrench clockwise...Once the belt is on you can let go of the tensioner and your are now finished....
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