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i am thinking of DIY CAI with the airbox intact, but replace the intake pipe (that draws air into the airbox) with a 3" abs pipe that goes all the way below the headlight, pointing downward, rather than attaching the tailend of the pipe to the front bumper's lower grill.
my questions are
1. does replacing of just the piping provide any significant improvement? Reason for not replacing the airbox because I think that's the best option to avoid hydrolock scenario (tropical rain is very common here in Singapore)
2. I know if i position the tailend of the pipe to the lower grill, the drawing of the cold air will be the most efficient and effective. But because Ialready have foglight, so the next alternative is to have the pipe pointing downwards, just below the headlight. Will there be any compromise of effectiveness of cold air induction?
thanks! hope we can have more intellectual discussions over this topic.

merry christmas
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