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Go FAQ yourself.

Thanks for stopping into the Fourtitude A4 (B5) forum!

We're glad to have you here, but STOP and read this post before you continue...

We know it's hard to believe, but b5s have been roaming the streets of the world for more than a decade now. Chances are that if you have an question you're not the first. We'd love to help you out with whatever you need, but there is a lot of info already available without delay if you use the search function or consult the rest of this thread!

When you are searching for an answer to a question, use the Fourtitude search function.

If you cannot find the answer to you question in the Recent Topics try changing the Data Set to Archived Topics and you might find the answer you are looking for. Also, don't forget to search a few other forums, listed at the end of this post, when you're searching. Your info may be there!

When you find the topic(s) you are looking for, read all of the available threads beginning to end. If you question is similar to the previous topics, post in the existing threads rather than creating a new one. Only post a new topic if your question, comment, or information is different enough to justify a separate thread. This keeps info together in one location, making locating it that much eaiser for the next guy.

When posting new topics, after making sure you've searched both current threads and archived topics, please create a title relevant to your question/comment/concern. Why do this? Beyond the fact that it's just good etiquette, it helps people with the answers zero-in on your thread so they can help you AND makes it easy for the next person who has that issue to search for it.

To have anything added to the FAQ/DIY, please PM a moderator with the link you'd like added so it can be addressed.

Thanks, and happy b5ing!

Other forums that will be useful to a a4 (b5) owner:
The 1.8T Technical Forum

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Re: DIY & FAQ: B5 Audi A4 (Peter)

Things to look for on Audi A4's - read BEFORE you buy - 20VTURBOSpoolMeUp!
--- The NEW catch-all bin for "advice before buying" and "should I buy" and "should I get rid of" posts

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List of tuning and oem parts sites for the A4 (B5) - HarvVAG
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1.8t cut away photo - HarvVAG
Audi Online Technical Library (Service Intervals Here!) - robbyb413
Audi Recalls and TSBs - robbyb413
Online ETKA parts detail - find your part numbers here - ozstriker
Vag-Com Locator Service - hoveraudi
Lemmiwinks: The VWVortex/1.8T Guide
--- download lemmiwinks here (note: serial cables only)
--- Unitronic.ca's UniTune - like lemmiwinks but for USB cables
--- Custom Code's version for USB cables
Resetting the service interval reminder
Which oil should I use?
Replacing a cam chain tensioner

The "Stance" Thread - pictures of member rides with information on their suspensions
Installing Coilovers - DO NOT DO IT UNTIL YOU READ THIS
Stock Offset/Stock Wheel Information - this is the place if you want to know generic fit questions or what VW/Audi wheels will fit your car - robbyb413

s4 suspensions on a4s
Staggered Wheels and Quattro
Are Quattro Suspensions interchangable with FWD suspensions? The answer is no. Follow this link if you like to see "no" in various forms.

For general wheel info, be sure to visit:
The Wheel and Tire Forum
For general suspension info, be sure to visit:
The Suspension Tuning Forum

The Complete 1.8T DIY/FAQ/Glossary - Courtesy of the 1.8T Engine Forum
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Basic 1.8T modding - Courtesy of the 1.8T Engine Forum
The definitive guide to modding the 2.8l v6
Heat Shields, Intakes, K&Ns, and air filters
The Blow Off Valve thread
The b5 exhaust thread
--- Test pipes/downpipes/cat delete pipes
--- eBay test pipe CEL delete
--- The 2.8 exhaust specific thread (there is info in the main thread though!
Everything k04

Remember: just because the engine is packaged in a b5 does not mean the b5 forum is the right place to search for answers or ask questions. There is a wealth of information in the proper technical forum:
The 1.8T Technical Forum
The 2.8 v6 Technical Fourm

The clutch thread
Short shifter options
--- Solid Shifter Linkage / Solid Stabilizer Bushing Upgrades

Remember: just because the tranny/quattro is packaged in a b5 does not mean the b5 forum is the right place to search for answers or ask questions. There is a wealth of information in the proper technical forum:
The Quattro Technical Forum
The Automatic Transmission Technical Forum
The Manual Transmission Technical Fourm

Audi Radio Summary - robbyb413
iPod/Satellite/Aux adapters
Cup Holder solutions
Gauge Cluster Issues (Missing Pixels in display)
LEDs: complete list for interior lighting w/part numbers
What is this button on the pillar next to the driver's seat?
What is this jack in my armrest that looks like an ethernet drop?
What is this cable in my trunk that looks like an old serial cable?
Retrofitting the lower LATCH anchors (or CANFIX, ISOFIT, ISOFIX, UCSSS depending on your country of origin)

For general interior questions, be sure to visit:
The Interior Forum

a4 b5 color codes - robbyb413
How to aim your headlights
eBay Headlights
Devil Eye headlights
Fogs without headlights (face-lifted models)
City lights
Swapping once piece headlights into early a4s
Removing the front bumper
Belly Pans / Skid Plates
Roof Racks
Harlequin A4 (mkIII style and mkV style) - where ELSE would this go?
Replacement lower door mouldings
Front Tow Hooks

For general lighting questions be sure to visit:
The Lighting Forum
For general detailing/exterior care questions be sure to visit:
The Detailing Forum

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Re: DIY & FAQ: B5 Audi A4 (robbyb413)

A special note...
There are two tools that any VAG owner absolutely must have. Just like your torque wrench and your socket set, your toolbox is crippled without them:
1) A VAG-COM cable/software from Ross-Tech in Lansdale, PA
This cable will connect your laptop to the OBDII port on your car, and enable you to self-diagnose, pull the full code for your problem, and clear out that CEL so you can get on with your life. Having the cable around will also allow you to run software like Lemmiwinks to tweak your ECU a bit.
2) The official factory repair manual, from Bentley Publishers in Cambridge, MA, available from the manufacturer or through many of our dedicated forum sponsors/banner advertisers.
These manuals are comprehensive guides to your car, from wiring diagrams to engine cut-aways to torque specs. Not having one is like doing carpentry without a tape measure - it just won't work out well in the end.
Chances are, many of the things you want to do, or want to know, can be understood by simply having these two things around. No need to post or even use the search - just hook up and scan, or open to the right section and get to work.
So, pick these up, whether it be from the classifieds, ebay, or your favorite car parts source, and get familiar with them. Your ownership time will be much better for it.
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