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Well, I was able to get most of the pics back up. There is one left that I can't figure out so I am just leaving the photobucket image there just in case I remember later..

I hope I got all the pics in the right places, but it has been a long time since I did this project so it was kinda hard for me to remember what went where...

Sorry to bring back a semi old thread, just curious if you noticed and still notice good butt bone support with the new coushin. I bought an 04.5 back in April. It was a 1 owner 73k on the clock and seats are mint, but they are still 14ish years old and was thinking about doing the driver seat as my wife doesn't complain about the passenger side. My ass starts to get sore from a long drive and I have to shift forward on the coushin, so I was curious if your swap had helped.

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