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This is a Guide on installing led strips from http://www.oznium.com/led-flex-strips
these are the 9.5 inch strip in the white color.

from the site:
Do the LED strips require resistors?
No. The LED strips do not require any resistors. They are ready to work on any 12 volt power source.
Which wire is power and which is ground?
The silver wire is 12v +, and the gold wire is 12v - (ground). If you accidentally reverse them, nothing bad will happen.

ok so before you do anything keep this in mind:
-I do not take any reponsibility if you damage yourself or your car in any way
-this is my first DIY and this is meant to be easy and reversable, meaning there is no cutting of wires.
-if you have any more advice, comments, questions, concerns, any anything you feel people should know when doing this, PM me and i will amend the original post
that being said lets get started
tools and supplies you need:
light strips
electrical tape
things that will make the job easier as well:
some sort of plyers
tools to remove intake filter (if you have an aftermarket thats in the way on the drivers side)
wire strippers

these arrive in a package wrapped up and ready to install

the strip is kinda jelly and very flexible, and because it will be folded in half I suggest pulling them flat and laying something heavy on them for a while to get them to stay unfolded. (this will also help when mounting)
I used the city lights to power the leds, so when those lights are on, the leds automatically turn on as well. the leds have very little power draw so no bulb out warnings or anything will pop up in your cluster.
i suggest testing the power to the strips everytime you move the set up (after testing the power/ground wires, taping them, inserting the bulb holder, and closing up the access port) so that you dont have to go back and redo anything
the city lights have a red arrow pointing to them

behind the headlight, there are two bulb access ports. the larger one with a hard plastic cover is for the low beams, leave that one alone.remove the rubber cover shown below

i used a set of pliers to GENTLY grip the bulb holder and pull with a bit of force. MAKE SURE YOU ARE ONLY PULLING ON THE BULB HOLDER AND NOTHING ELSE. if you are dexterous enough, i suggest using your fingers so there is less chance of breaking anything

here is what the back of the bulb holder looks like. (these are what my wire colors are)
yes that was scotch tape, for this diy i switched the tape to electrical tape

i stripped the tip of the wire just so i could fold them over and make them a little more rigid so they could be inserted easier

i then inserted the wires into the back of the bulb holder (as this is the only way they will fit w/o cutting the wire) and then used tape to hold them in place
there should be enough room in the plug to fit the led wires into

I then re-inserted the bulb holder into the headlight housing
this is how it should look

simply replace the rubber cover over the wire
then feed the led strip through the bumper down behind the grill vents

you can mount them wherever and however you like
they come with precut stips of double sided foam tape, which is the same stuff used to adhere our rubstrips to our cars, so thats what i used.
i fed them through and stuck them on my grills like so:

i then used cable ties to securse any loose wire away from anything that might get hot
heres with the lights off during the day(relitively invisible to the average observer)

here is with the lights on during the day (they are a bit brighter when you look at them in the rear veiw mirror and such

and then at night only the parking lights on

this is great if you have a leased car, or like me werent too sure if you were going to like it.
i need to get hids to match the true white color of the strips, but even then i think they look great.

the color difference the stock halogens make the white look blue in comparison

with the lights from my truck on

once again
-if you have any more advice, comments, questions, concerns, any anything you feel people should know when doing this, PM me and i will amend the original post if need be
if you feel the need to insult this set up please also feel free to pm me, instead of cluttering up the thread with them
edit for pictures

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any more night time pictures but farther away and different angles?
Looks good!
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