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i know this has been discussed a few times on the vortex but i thought this needed to get posted here because many mkiv'ers would like this feature enabled
i followed instructions from tdiclub and passatworld and took pics
this software mod is totally reversible and **safe(**as far as i'm concerned) but use at your own risk(there shouldn't be a risk unless you're retarded). I am not responsible for any damage or stupid stuff you do.
this mod also works on b5 & b5.5 passats and new beetles (and maybe even last gen. eurovans and cabrios)
if you've used a kvw programmer or installed alientech on your car, this won't work. the kvm mod can't be undone (i'm told) and the alientech mod needs uninstalling first. so basically, if you've already done something that rolls your windows with your remote, don't perform this mod
you'll need a obd-ll serial cable hooked-up to your notebook or pc's serial port in order to do this. i've tried my serial key-com ross-tech(vag-com) cable and a friend's ross-tech cable and neither worked unfortunately. but try your vag-com cable first incase there's a chance it might work
i know for a fact that this cable(model) from ebay works 100%. maybe some of you who have already done this know of more cables that work??
this has to be done in dos mode so if you're using windows xp/2000/2003/gay vista etc. you'll need to make a boot disk to boot from.
i made a boot floppy disk from bootdisk.com but you can make one in windows or where ever.
i ran the drdflash.exe and it makes the bootdisk automatically for you, just throw in the floppy when it asks
you don't have to use a floppy, you can make a boot cd or dvd with nero or something, maybe a boot flash drive for you l33t folks, you guys know what to do
next i downloaded this vds pro zip file from passatworld and extracted it to a folder and then copied the contents of that folder onto my boot floppy (some of the files didn't need to be copied over but i just copied everything to it since it all fits)
the floppy root directory should look something like this (the 4 grayed-out hidden files are the files the bootdisk maker made)

bring your notebook or computer to your car with the floppy and the cable and hook up the cable to the pink obd-ll port under the dash and to the computer. turn your car's key to the on position but don't fire up your engine.
so then next you boot your machine(your notebook) with the floppy already inserted (change your computer's boot settings in bios if needed, so it searches for the boot drive--the floppy--first) and then your computer will boot into dos and you'll have a black screen prompt of (you should not see windows booting)..
now type vdc_e or vdc_e.exe
like this

(i took actual pictures of all of this because i wasn't sure how to make screenshots in real dos)
hit enter and this screen shows up. ALERT: you won't get any further than this screen if you don't have the right cable

now type 46 and this screen should show up.

now type 11 and this screen should show up. type 19283 and hit enter

this screen displays. hit enter

we're back to this screen again. notice down in the left-hand corner it reads 1J0959799AJ. that is the module i'm programming in this 2-door GTI. you now need to reference this list and this list for your module #(for specific car) so you'll have the correct numbers for the next steps. 4-door golfs, jettas, passats require additional steps for the 2 rear windows. Do not use these memory addresses and values i'm about to use unless you have the same module # in your car as is in this GTI

ok so these are the memory addresses with the new values i'll be using on this GTI with ccm module 1J0 959 799AJ
Memory Address | old value | new value
04283___________ 138_______2
04289___________ 138_______2
08628___________ 242_______246 driver side front window
12724___________ 250_______254 passenger side front window

now you enter them in..
type 27 to bring up the "eeprom (serial) write" box and this screen displays. now type 04283 in the address field and then the number 2 in the value field. NOTE: i think you hit tab to bring the cursor from the address field down to the value field (or you can hold alt+v to get the cursor to move to the value field). hit enter

this screen now shows for verification. hit enter

on to the next one
type 27 and then type 04289 for the address and 2 for the value. hit enter

verification screen shows. hit enter

now coding driver side window..
type 27 and then type 08628 for address and 246 for value

verification of correct numbers typed in. hit enter

now coding passenger side window..
type 27 and then type 12724 for address and 254 for value. hit enter

verification. hit enter

(OPTIONAL: you can type 26 and go through "eeprom (serial) read" to look at those address numbers to make sure you typed in the correct values----also, you can always go back through "eeprom (serial) write" and change the address number values to different numbers or back to stock numbers incase you messed up)
now hold down alt+x to exit program and hit enter

remove keys from car, exit and lock your doors. now unlock them with your keyfob but continue to hold down the unlock button and you should see your windows now roll down until you let go. press and hold the lock button and opposite should happen. if your sunroof is open, the keyfob will also close that (but not open it)
enjoy the fruits of you labor

let me know if i need to make corrections to this write-up

update: (thanks 99.5http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif)
Quote, originally posted by 99.5 »

Alright for all of those out there still having problems with connections. Try this:
Go to Configuration >>> Connections >>> Change Baudrate to Try and then change the value to 10472.
Changing the connection settings to this made it work for me http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif If anyone has any other questions about connections, lemme know.

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Re: (slick337)

Anyone know if you could run your e-bay USB as it runs as a serial, then run a virtual machine inside of windows and have it use the USB serial as a "serial" port.
Does that make sense to anyone else?
I'm gona try it, i'll report back later.
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