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Dizzy to obd2

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Where do i find a diy to do this swap???
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Re: Dizzy to obd2 (Scotty_2.0)

thanks, now real power is an option. running forced induction with a dizzy is no good
Re: Dizzy to obd2 (mdlite)

couple questions if you can help, im running an aftermarket fan thats is just switched on/off, any issues there? I plan on replacing the timing chains when doing this swap, does this change the timing chain kit i would need? Lower cover the same? thanks alot, any advice appreciated
91 jetta 2.8 dizzy for now, turbonetics 60trim
plan on spacing the head and running some serious boost with c2 software so this obd2 swap is really key right now!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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