The Bentley Bentayga is indisputably the world’s fastest and most powerful SUV, however German exotic and luxury car tuner DMC felt the need to go ahead and inject it with an additional 100 horsepower anyway.

DMC has dubbed its take on Bentley’s first-ever SUV the ‘Bentayga Gigante’, with the latter half of that nameplate likely referring to the monstrous amount of power being pumped out by the 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged W12. The engine churns out a significant 600 horsepower and 664 lb-ft of torque from the factory, but after DMC’s exhaust and engine management tune is applied, it gets a bump to 700hp and 778 lb-ft. Acceleration stats stay the same, however the top speed rises from 187 mph to 193 mph.


DMC has also tried its hand at improving the appearance of the Bentayga with forged alloy wheels ranging from 22-inches to 24-inches in size and carbon fiber accents for the hood, rocker panels and rear liftgate. The treatment continues inside with carbon fiber steering wheel accents, custom Italian leather upholstery and hand stitched leather floor mats. DMC says it can also expand on its interior customizations program if the customer desires.

Check out the promotional video for the DMC Bentley Bentayga Gigante below.

[source:  Carscoops ]

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