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do a2 8v headers fit a 2.0 x-flow?????

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here my question would 8v digfant headers fit a 2.0 crossflow motor does anyone know???????
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Re: do a2 8v headers fit a 2.0 x-flow????? (ONE A2)

It will bolt to the head and will probably clear parts at the bottom of the firewall (rack, shifter, etc.)but may need tweaking.
Re: do a2 8v headers fit a 2.0 x-flow????? (Vdub Boy)

quote:[HR][/HR]According to the articles in European Car magazine and the pics they show there is no way a header from a non X-flow head will bolt to an X-flow head.
Port configuration is completely different.[HR][/HR]​
They showed it bolted on, they meant the intake ports are configured differently(on the front). they were illustrating that a factory A3 manifold(some later [some say 98+]) will cover the intake ports on a counterflow head. It does bolt on.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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