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Do i have a leg to stand on?

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I ordered a chip from Velocity three weeks ago and still haven't seen it. They have my check in their hands and i don't have the product. You could say i'm abit pissed!! I've called them about 26 times with no return calls or e-mails. Nothing was mentioned about going out of business when i placed my order. Did i get burnt or do you think my chip will show up?
pissed off customer,jason
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Re: Do i have a leg to stand on? (europeanfab)

Have you even checked to see if the check cleared? I wouldnt worry to much I am sure Jeff will take care of everyone before everything is said and done.
Re: Do i have a leg to stand on? (Verruckt)

exactly. and 3 weeks is hardly a long wait
Re: Do i have a leg to stand on? (2035cc16v)

Well, i don't think it takes three weeks to get from California when the chip is in stock on the shelf, but the thing that pissed me off the most is no returned calls or e-mails in more then a week to tell me, the paying customer whats up. I don't know who this Jeff guy is but thats not the way to run a business. I'm sorry to hear that he's sick, but is he the only one running this company?
Re: Do i have a leg to stand on? (europeanfab)

I would be upset too. I hope he at least calls you and lets you know what is going on. Communication can go a long way.
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