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Do i need wheel spacers with my coilovers?

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figured id post this in this forum too.. anyhoo.. so i got some kw coilovers for my corrado... and i was reading somewhere that it said for my application it requires wheel spacers if i plan to run with stock wheels. why is this? is this even true? i also have new wheels that will be going on with the suspension which are 16x7.5. will i need them with that size? any info is great thanks
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Re: Do i need wheel spacers with my coilovers? (V arrrr SIX)

If your camber settings aren't too aggressive, you might be able to do without spacers. However, even with "normal" camber settings, wide tires can also rub against the coilovers. The only way to tell is to go take the car for a spin after you've installed the coilovers. Don't forget to get on an off ramp or fast turn. Although the tire might not rub when you're going in a straight line, the sidewall flex while cornering may cause the tires to rub the coilovers.
Good luck!
Re: Do i need wheel spacers with my coilovers? (GTICup)

thank you!
Re: Do i need wheel spacers with my coilovers? (V arrrr SIX)

Well I don't have a Corradon, but on my MkIV you need wheel spacers with the coilovers if you lower if very far. To lower the car with coilovers you lower the perches (duh..), when you do this the perches will rub on the tires, (becuase they are lower than when at stock ride height...). If I don't lower my coilovers very far then they don't rub, but then I got the whole rally car look. Weather or not KW's will rub on a Corrado I cant say for sure, but it's agood possability that you have the same situation.
Good luck http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
P.S. I just read H&R is making an 8mm spacer that has a hub extension on it. Without a hub extension on the front wheel spacers they will vibrate a little bit (which is kind of annoying) so IF you can fit 8mm spacers I would definately get the 8mm's with the hub extension, they will be totally worth it.
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