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Do i need wheel spacers with the coilovers?

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ok so i just bought the kwv2 coilovers ok.. and randomly i was flipping through the tuning zuehbor catalog just for the hell of it and i was reading something about the kw's and it said with that application the car requires wheel spacers when running on stock wheels... is this true.. do i need these? and why?.. also i wont be using stock wheels for long.. i have new ones that are 16X7.5... anyone know what the deal is? thanks
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Re: Do i need wheel spacers with the coilovers? (V arrrr SIX)

You may need spacers on the rear wheels, generally coilovers fit with stock wheels but when you go to aftermarket and are running wider then stock widths it depends on your offset. To get a rough idea if you will need spacers, measure from the center of the stock shock to the outter most edge of the inner rim. Then compare that to the measurement on the new coilover from the center to the outter most point on the coil. If you stock measurement is slightly bigger you may get away with no spacers (you need about 5mm of clearance between the wheel/tire and the coils to allow for flex in cornering) Then bolt everything up and see how it fits. It may be a good idea to buy a set of spacers for the install and if you don't need them return them.
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Re: Do i need wheel spacers with the coilovers? (cramer)

Re: Do i need wheel spacers with the coilovers? (V arrrr SIX)

With my H&R coil overs I found that I needed spacers for the rear even with the stock wheels. I found some 5mm spacers at a local speed shop and those were enough to give me descent clearance. When I put my Borbet 16" or MSW 17" wheels on, I need a wider spacer. I got some H&R 8mm spacers from Bahn Brenner. With spacers that wide, You'll want to make sure you've got enough thread on your lug bolts... I got longer ones for the rear.
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