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Do you know where to get a cheap cat coverter for a MK1? Questions about yours..

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Do you know where to get a cheap cat coverter for a MK1? Questions about Cali smog..

I'm looking through my bently right now and it's telling me that my catalytic converter is supposed to have a ceramic mesh inside it. My car failed it's first smog test and to my knowledge, none of my sciroccos ever had the mesh inside them. Do any of you know if this mesh is actually there? I always thought it was just a canister that heats up and burns unused fuel by the way it's shaped. I didn't know it had something in it. Do any of you guys know a good spot where I can get one of these cheap. I want to replace it before I take it back. The manual says you should replace it every 10 years. Mine has never been replaced and it's 22 years old. I'm also running fuel cleaner through my system called G2P and I'm considering changing the oxygen sensor as well. What are your guys suggestions. I don't want to waste another 50 bucks to have my car fail again, and I don't want to pay some jackhole 300 bucks to replace my O2 sensor.

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Re: Do you know where to get a cheap cat coverter for a MK1? Questions about Cali smog.. (riteone)

No Prob.
http://catalog.eautopartscatalog.co...st&ipartdesc=Catalytic Converter&clogincode=S
In WA state once your car hits 25 years old you can be leaking a half quart of oil a week, be blowing out black smoke from your tail pipe, and not have a muffler and still be legal http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
(barring local ordnances)
They used to have discs in them, yes. Mine is completely hollow too
What are the laws like there in Commufornia?
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Re: Do you know where to get a cheap cat coverter for a MK1? Q ... (MK1Scirocco1980)

Thanks for the link. My car failed it's 1st inspection and is now labled a gross polluter. I had to take it to a test only staion first, pay 50 bucks, and it failed. Now I have to take it to a test and repair station, pay another 50 bucks, and have them diagnos the system. I got a second opinion and they told me that the high emmisions that my car is producing could either be my cat or my oxygen sensor. I figure if I replace those two things I can bypass the test and repair station and save myself 50. Once the repairs are made I can bring it back to the test only station, pay another 40 bucks, and hope it passes. If it doesn't my car gets put on a two year economic hardship program that lets me drive it while I gather the money to get the car repaired. The engine doesn't leak at all, has no vacume problems, runs strong, and has no smoke coming out of it. It still failed though. If I replace the sensor, cat, and it fails again... that means I have some major internal problems in the car and it's time to retire it to the garage again.

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