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The Carpet Guys are coming to install the carpet sometime this week after a flood in the basement. We figure we'd do both the upstairs and downstairs. I've quite an extensive lot of Aircraft/Car magazines/books.
I'd hate to see these get thrown away, so i'd like to give them up to whoever wants to take them away. I've got:
Top Gear
some yucky old Max Power UK
some newer Car and Drivers
As for aircraft journals...i don't know if will give them up yet, but they are World Air Power Journals. $20/each from barnes and noble. I might keep them, I might not...$10 might coax me into giving you all 6 or 7 of them
Let me know via PM:) I need to unload all of this by Tuesday, IIRC>
edit: I have issues of STUFF magazine, as well. Imagine that.

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Re: Do you like Free stuff? (SuperGroove)

I live in lakewood, co. You guys don't have to pay a thing if you pick up.

Did I mention that I have some Performance VW magazines as well? ALl i'm giving up is the perfect bathroom reading material!

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Re: Do you like Free stuff? (SuperGroove)

Official Inventory:
Performance VW
December 2000: Beetle Mania: West Coast Flava: French Flava: Stealthy MK2s
Jan 2001: MK1 Buying Guide: Vento VR6; Coilovers
Feb 2001: MK2 GTI Buying Guide: Mk4 Golf Turbo
March 2001: Golf Rallye Buying Guide; MK2 GOLF VR6; Golf VR6 S/C
June 2001: Mk2 Golf Turbo; Mk4 Polo 16V; Ultimate Group Thrash
Top Gear
12/00 - Jaguar X-Type
04/01 - Hot Numbers; Alfa 147
05/01 - F is For Fun - MG Trophy 160
06/02 - Machisimo - Murcielago vs. 575M
12/00 -Supercars You can Afford - WRX, Elise, Clio V6
01/01 - The Drive of your life - M3 vs Z06 vs Clio V6
02/01 - Absolute Power - Porsche Carrera GT vs 456GT vs Bentley Continental T vs CLK
03/01 - Schumacher Drives the New Ferrari
04/01 - Japan the Second Coming - Z car, Evo VII, RX7, Civic Type-R
05/01 - Aston Martin Vanquish
Max Power
Car and Driver
Subscription since 11/93. Ask and you probably will receive.
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