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Its been an average of -22 to -29 with the wind chill here, and the phatnoise system in our mk4 always displays an error when the player is cold. is there any way to fix this?
have any of you relocated the phatnoise system to the interior of the car? or steatlh in the glove box?
any advice or help would really be appreciated.
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Re: Does anyone else have difficulty with their phatnoise when it gets cold? (Quest_the_Chemist)

Are you taking your cartridge out at night, or leaving it out in the cold?
If I leave my cartridge in the PhatBox overnight it won't detect the player in the morning. No error message, but when you hit the CDC button it sits on CD 1 TRK 01 for a few before just dropping back to the CD or radio.
I found that if I take the cartridge in with me overnight and pop it in when I hop in the car it works just fine no matter how cold it has gotten around here.
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