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Does anyone have any experience with or comment on the BFGoodrich Winter Slalom?

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I can get the BFGoodrich Winter Slalom in 205/55/16 for $76 at my local Costco. I can get them with or without studs. We don't get hardly any snow in my immediate area (only 300 feet above sealevel) but if you go 20 miles in any direction you gain at least 1000 feet. I'm in Washington so we're far enough north to get pretty cold but we're on the east side of the Cascade mountains and they act like a big squigee (sp?) and take most of the moisture coming off the Pacific out ot the air. When we do get something in the winter it tends to be freezing rain.
I'd appreciate any feedback.
P.S. I have absolutely eaten up my Michelin Pilots (i.e. 15,000+ miles and they are toast). Has anyone had a similar experience with them?

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