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Does anyone know what this is

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This was under my car sitting on the ground not sure if it fell off or not not familiar with it
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That looks like a Jetta or Passat in the picture. This is the 1974-1992 Scirocco forum. Is the part from a Scirocco or a newer VW?

It doesn't look like a Scirocco part.

The knob and its washer are #18 & #23

seat and backrest; see illustration: - Scirocco(SCI) [USA 1989 year] (7zap.com)

The washer has a hole in the middle.
It looks like it had a cylinder on it that broke off. Maybe it's some sort of cap. I have never seen anything like it on my Scirocco 16V but I am not familiar with the underbelly.
I found something similar just now when I was looking for fuses I removed from my Phaeton.

It's not exactly the same but every manufacturer probably has their own style.

I took some pictures but my Blu phone wouldn't focus.

Here are some pictures I found online:

Here is the eBay auction from whence the pictures originated:

Your object may not be the same kind of cap, but I think it's a temporary protective cap for something that may or may not be Scirocco-related.
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It sorta reminds me of packaging you'd get with a ratchet where you can turn the ratchet to try it out. Just the fact that there's no part number or anything seems like it was meant to be disposable.

I don't recall seeing anything like that on a Scirocco.
I think you may be right. Those try it out knobs at Autozone do look like that.

I think if it was a VW part that large, it would have a part number. Even tiny clips have part numbers. There are a few VW parts without the part numbers on them but they are rare.
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