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Re: does anyone make the new type HID headlights for 94-98 GTIs?will the 2002 ... (GTInterceptor)

If you want the OEM MK4 HID's in MK4-Look form - they don't exist.
If you want to install MK4 lamps into your MK3 it requires quite a bit of work.
You can do it a number of ways. Listed from best-looking to worst-looking:
1) Use Cabrio MK3.5 front end. This is OEM which will bolt on to your car with little modification. Then you can put in MK4 lamps. EXPENSIVE.
2) You can fit these lamps in w/o doing that. But you need to fabricate mounting points onto the existing radiator support. You will also have to shave some off of your grill on either side of it (where it hits your lights now since the MK4 lamps curve a bit more into the middle) and you will have a GAP above the lamps where it meets the hood (just use eyebrows mounted higher than usual to cover that up).
3) Well, I think that's it. People have done it. I know one guy that has. I'm looking to do it soon as well (in the next 3 mos or so).
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