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The passenger side airbag crash sensor on my 2002 A4 stopped working, so I bought a used one off ebay. I noticed it had a different version number (8E0 959 643 E instead of 8E0 959 643), but I figured it didn't matter. While mounting it I noticed that the mounting holes weren't threaded, so I couldn't use the short (M6x16?) original bolts and had to use longer M6x40 with nuts on the other side. It was a bit of work holding the nut on the rearmost bolt while tightening the bolt. While I did this I noticed that there was an arrow on the label on both sensors, and that they pointed in opposite directions. On the 8E0 959 643 the arrow pointed away from the flat side and on the 8E0 959 643 E the arrow pointed towards the flat side. After looking at some youtube videos of people replacing these sensors on different Audis I found out that on some cars these sensors are mounted on the cabin side of the B-pillar, unlike my car where it is mounted inside the B-pillar. This explains why there are no threads on the mounting holes, as the threads would be on the B-pillar. When the sensor is mounted this way the flat side of the sensor goes towards the outside of the car, unlike on my cat where the non-flat side of the sensor goes towards the outside of the car. Will the sensor still work in a collision if it is mounted with the arrow pointed towards the cabin of the car, or should I replace the replacement sensor?


Is it important that the arrow on the crash sensor points towards the outside of the car?
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