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does the new 6spd (in DE and TurboS) have TT linkage?

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does the new 6spd (in DE and TurboS) have TT (shorter) linkage?

I'm just wondering if the shift linkage that so many people have changed in their current 5spd is different on the new 6spd transmissions (i.e. - is it a shorter throw on the new 6speed trannys)? I'm just hoping that the new 6-speeds have a little shorter throw than our current 5-speed boxes. Anyone who got a test drive the car notice (Jaime)? Thanks.

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Re: does the new 6spd (in DE and TurboS) have TT (shorter) linkage? (lamfalus)

The throws are TT short but let's say they are a fair shake better than anything VW has put on their cars in recent history. In terms of actual distance it may be a touch shorter than a MkIV and I know it's definitely shorter than a MkIII.
I actually think it's probably the most natural shifting VW linkage that I have seen stock, VW wise that is. There is still a touch of notchiness, but really nothing compared to the o2a/j trannies.
I'm already a big fan of this combination. The ratios work very well together w/the 1.8T. Keeps the turbo spooled up right from the get go. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
Hope that helps to a certain degree.
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Re: does the new 6spd (in DE and TurboS) have TT (shorter) linkage? (lamfalus)

Only marginally shorter. Overall feel is a little better, but not day and night compared to the most recent 5-speed examples. Compared to A3 generation cars these are way better. Gearing however is FAR better than anything VW has done in any past models.
Re: does the new 6spd (vwvortex1)

I ASSume this is the same gearbox as on the NB Turbo S? If so I rowed through one of those things last week, and was VERY disappointed - same old crappy cable shifter feel. When is VW going to wake up and spend some engineering $ on this sad situation and fix the problem? C&D just ripped 'em a new one in the hot hatch comparo.. and rightfully so.
Re: does the new 6spd (vwvortex1)

Thanks guys. I definately like the ratios on paper. Keeping 6th the same as the current ratio of 5th gear on the current cars is the right way to do it. Meaning make the ratios closer together. And from what you guys have said, the feel is much better and that seem to be substantiated by other sources like the C&D article on the 25th Anniv. If this is the same EXACT tranny as in the Turbo S (I know it's the "same", but is everything identicle?), I'll have to go and check out one of those to get an idea of how it feels.
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