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DOHC for my Jetta 2.0?

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Hello, I have kind of a interesting question... is it possible to turn my jetta 2.0 SOHC into a DOHC? If so how would i go aobut doing it? I am also thinking about getting the ATP turbo kit, would this still work with DOHC? I hope someone out there can answer my questions, if so email me at [email protected]
Thanks for your time, Neal
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Re: DOHC for my Jetta 2.0? (NPS83)

Do you mean with a 1.8, or 2.0 16v head? that would be the only way to do it and have it be anywhere near cost effective.
Re: DOHC for my Jetta 2.0? (XSiVE)

yes I would put a 1.8 or 2.0 16v head on, which ever is easier and help my performance. If you could give me an idea of what i would need... and if any serious mods need to be done. Would this effect my turbo at all?
Thanks for responding
Re: DOHC for my Jetta 2.0? (NPS83)

There is no easy way to make your car a DOHC, short of a motor swap (1.8T motor or import an ABF 2.0L 16v euro motor).
Putting a twin cam head on the ABA block requires new pistons and other mods. It's been discussed a bunch here on the boards...
Re: DOHC for my Jetta 2.0? (DomozitoLK)

I am willing to do what ever it takes... I want a unique engine, one that not very many people have. I will do pistons and all. Just tell me where I can find out how to do this mod.
Thanks again, Neal
Re: DOHC for my Jetta 2.0? (NPS83)

A guy here called nabilsx has converted his SOHC Seat Cordoba to DOHC 16v and has the most experience with it. You might wanna contact him.
Also try these past posts for more info:
There are more links but I don't feel like searching anymore on this.
Good luck...
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