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Don't Panic, Noises and Airbag light on my week old Silver Bullet, need help

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I picked up my 02 GLX variant 5spd with the new in dash from Bremerhaven last week. I drove it 1100 miles down to Italy where I'm stationed(of course observing the break in rules). Overall great trip and I love the car. BUT I already have 2 problems.
The Air bag light came on, kind of scary at first. and there is this noise.
When I accelerate slowly from a dead stop or let off the gas and then give it some gas in 2nd I hear a clicking or knocking on the L front side. I did a search and one guy had a similar problem and his sway bar needed to be tightened. I'd like to check mine shold I tighten it while it's on the ground or on a lift?
Thanks for any help.
BTW I'm taking it to a dealer on Mon but here in Italy it's not as simple for waranty work as in the states, It's hard to find anyone that speaks English to start...

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