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Door alignment

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I just put 90 spec doors on my 86 GTi and they seem to fit kinda odd, any ideas as to adjusting them? Has anyone had this problem? I don't think the cars I got the doors from had been previously wrecked if thats an issue
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Re: Door alignment (Motohead)

i have similar problem...trying to fit '89 jetta front doors on my '87...it seems to push forward toward the fender more and look sort cuz it leaves a big gap in the back part...it was hard to align the pins also...i might need to go to the bodyshop...i've measured the door and i sware they are the same size
I also noticed that it appeared to leave quite a gap between the end of the door and the jam where it latches. What could a body shop do except extend the door with new sheet metal?
Re: Door alignment (Motohead)

Apparently you guys dont work in a bodyshop. I do however. You just need to adjust the hinges by loosening the bolts and move the door the way it needs to go when you max it out at the bolts thats when the hinges have to move... Bodyshops dont put poop metal on the door if the gap is off....Godd luck...Trader buds WestSide Dodge....Kevin

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Re: Door alignment (KDoggsPimpJetta)

We use a 3ft long flat steel bar with a hole in the end, remove the door, bolt the bar on the hinge part that's on the body and bend the hinge back or foward as required, only move it a small amount at a time and try the door again, keep doing it till it's where you want it. If you just want it forward you can put washers between the hinge, don't use too many.
Re: Door alignment (Vdubs)

Actually, I have been around body shops all my life I was just wondering if he knew anything I didn't. The hinges are welded to the car and the door and the bolt that connects them is countersunk, so there is no room for adjustment, so, i was just wondering what tricks guys were using to "tweak" the hinges.
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