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Door won't close, alarm goes off.

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This is killing me so I would greatly appreciate any feedback or suggestions your could give. My wife borrows my car and I come home one night and she says the door won't close. So I go out to the car and I can't get the door shut. It's like a little bar has dropped down and prevents this from latching. It seems like an anti-theft mechanism because now if I open the door the alarm goes off. I can get the door shut but you have to jam it a lot. When I go to start the car the alarm goes off again and it just won't stop. Is there something that can be reset like disconnecting the battery and re-connecting? I'm frustrated as hell because I can't go anywhere and everytime I get in the car the loud ass alarm goes off which wakes the whole neighborhood! Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Door won't close, alarm goes off. (zapdesigns)

Try pressing the unlock button on your remote.
Re: Door won't close, alarm goes off. (VBUG)

sorry, no remote. that crapped out about a year ago. i just disconnected the battery and re-connected. thanks.
Re: Door won't close, alarm goes off. (zapdesigns)

Did that work??
Re: Door won't close, alarm goes off. (zapdesigns)

Hey, Give me a call Thursday morning. If you can come by we will check it out.

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Re: Door won't close, alarm goes off. (Firedave1)

Yes, disconnecting and re-connecting the battery did work. David, what's going on! I would have called but it was late and I didn't know if you were at the station or at home! I'll give you a ring this morn. Can you believe it's snowing like crazy?!
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