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Double Webers on a 2.0 16V

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Hi i have a 2.0 16V and i'm thinking of putting double webers on it.
I know throttle bodies are much better, but that is not in my budget, sorry.
Does anyone know which webers i should get and how to mount them? The tuning i go to a specialist.
Maybe someone got photos or websites with info for me?
Thanks guys...
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Re: Double Webers on a 2.0 16V (78 2.0 16V rocco)

quote:[HR][/HR]Did you swap it or import the car?[HR][/HR]​
Greetz from Belgium

Greetz: You can buy them new or find them secondhand. If you find just the carbs, you will need to get a 16V carb inlet manifold.
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