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*download* - scirocco 8v dealer videos (3)

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bittorrent, divx, blabla (you know the drill

this is a zip of 3 videos, big thanks to daun for getting this tape to me for conversion.
scirocco 8v dealer video 1 (14:05):
12:10 point - 8v scirocco jumped over a crest, i'd say its about 10 feet up.
tom davey scca champ comments/drives.
road tests against other cars (including a ferrari).
scirocco 8v dealer video 2 (7:03):
vwoa guy speaks, motor trend guy speaks.
mostly filled with specs on the car.
scirocco 8v salesman video (10:27):
starts off with clips from an 8v tv spot.
tom davey does alot in this one, includes a good bit of footage on tom daveys scca race mk2.
the whole thing seems oriented towards salesman training. its a shame, since all of that tom davey footage would have sold a few more sciroccos im sure.
now for the link:
total size: 121 meg
also, dont forget the other videos available:
16v dealer vid:
rons tranny teardown (back by popular demand):
those unsure about how bittorrent/divx works, check this thread:
side note: if you want to keep multiple torrent windows up at once, be sure to throttle them appropriately (so the total upload speed doesnt overload/saturate your connection).
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Cool downloads. Dude drove the crap out of that red 16V, awsome to see it in action. I'll leave them open tonight.
Re: (DriversFound.com)

Those video's were pretty cool but what's the deal with them mentioning the scirocco had 4 wheel independant suspension. I didn't think the trailing arm rear suspension is considered independant. 4 wheel independant cars can't raise their inside rear wheel in hard cornering. that's my only complaint about the video's otherwise they were cool.
Re: (DriversFound.com)

Quote, originally posted by DriversFound.com »
Get 'em while they're still online...
Allyn's videos can now be downloaded from:
Be sure to RIGHT CLICK and SAVE it to your PC!

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Re: (VWVancouver)

Is that an after-market or a custom body kit on the SCCA car in the "Scirocco 8v dealer video 1" clip? That thing is [email protected]!!!
Re: (FlyRoccoFly)

any chance of finding gti,golf,cabby, or jetta videos from the same place you found the rocco vids
Re: (can. rabbit)

sorry, all came from the scirocco guys. they got me the tapes, i converted them.
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