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Hey, folks. My downpipe and exhaust are rusting due to road salts from the Canadian winters -- perfect excuse for me to get rid of those performance-robbing stock parts!

I understand that a larger diameter downpipe / exhaust combo will give me much more on the high end (4k rpm and beyond). But I do a fair bit of city and short freeway driving too, so I'm a bit concerned about what happens between, say, from idle to 3500rpm. I have seen at least some dyno plots where the stock stuff actually gets more torque and hp than a performance exhaust in the low end / mid range (2500rpm - 3000-ish rpm and below). Would that be further worsened by a larger diameter downpipe?
It'd be nice if someone can educate me on this. I would espeically appreciate it if someone with a Brullen dp and exhaust combo can shed some light on this, since Bruellen is what I'm planning to get (I'm really close to Toronto, so I can just get them from there directly).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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