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Brembos, Pure MS brake ducts, stoptech rear lines installed!

Brembo's installed... purems brake ducts, stoptech stainless braided rear lines installed, MBWW
quick pics of the calipers/pad backs

stock vs 332mm brembos

Brembo caliper dry weight(no pads/hardware)

Brembo caliper with pads/hardware

Brembo caliper with pads/hardware/bracket/line

stock caliper with pads/hardware/braket and line

So 2 lbs diff in front assembly vs stock(3k miles on front stock pads)
brembo 332x28 rotor

Note i forgot to snap a pic of the stock rotor, it came in slightly over 16lbs, was like 16.05 or something. Not bad for brembo considering you're gaining A LOT of braking surface.
Pure Motorsport Brake Ducts(ducting to be added shortly. Gotta install oil cooler first to know where to run the brake duct lines


side note... check out the difference between standard wheel bolts and RAD locks which are Dacromat coated... much less corrosion.

I will snap some shots tomorrow at work during the day so you can better see the brakes on the car
hard to do that when you wrap up at ~10:40 at night

So far very impressed and happy with pedal feel and feedback. We bedded the pads to the rotors on a back road. I can't wait to get the car on the track again!

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Very Very nice...let us know how they turn out on the track.
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