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draining battery?!?

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Has anyone had problems with their battery being drained? Checked everything else on the car and I could come up with the last 2 reasons why I have to disco. the battery terminal before I go to bed so I can start it the next day!!
It seemed to start after I replaced my factory stereo unit with an alpine that has amplified wattage (45X4). Alternator seems ok at 14 volts. My alrm system is a derringer2 (VSE) about 9yrs old. Should I start from the battery and work my way to the head unit? ANyone have these problems berfore? Advice will be much appreciated! thanks!
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Re: draining battery?!? (PinoyG60)

disconnect the seatbelts and see if it stops draining. Common problem is that they get caught trying to go front to back and keep pulling pwer, even after the car's off.
- Jack
Re: draining battery?!? (PinoyG60)

try checking your last post on this topic.. im having the same problem, but i havent tried doing this yet.
heres the link. http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=161153
Re: draining battery?!? (PinoyG60)

since it started after you did the stereo install I would start there. Disconnect your stereo equip and see if the problem goes away.
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