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drfiting (dunno where else to put this)...

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anyone knows how to do 2-wheel drifting with a front-wheel-drive layout??
I know u have to use the hand-brake... and I always gear down to 2nd gear and rev up the engine prior the turn and that I turn at around 60-75km/hr (40-50mi/hr)... I managed to get my rear skid, and then back in control...
but too scared to do heel-toe shifting... anyone knows the procedures with FWD cars??

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Re: drfiting (dunno where else to put this)... (rdelario)

It will really help if you get a 28mm rear sway bar and put it on the hardest setting. I can get my rear end to slide out on turns, just go around a turn really hard and in the middle of the turn, tap the brakes. Then the inside rear wheel lifts up and the rear end slides around.
Re: drfiting (dunno where else to put this)... (rdelario)

Watch WRC.......use the e-brake. fun fun fun http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: drfiting (Bundaho)

i used to have a 91 ITG with a full suspension.. and we used (old honda friends) to go drifting in the late nights in Boulder Colorado. They have a few nice mountain passes.. but driftin down them were scary as hell.
Anyhow, all you do is hit the apex hard.. release a little gas, pull e-brake and give little gas through the turn.
Re: drfiting (1BadAzzVR6)

what about downshifting?? did I do it right, downshifting just before the turns?? or downshift when the car is already drifting (AT the turns - or while turning)??
Re: drfiting (rdelario)

Don't need to downshift. Use the engine's own torque. Just accelerate in
2nd up to the turn, turn in pretty hard maybe still on the throttle a bit
so you feel some understeer, then let off the throttle completely mid turn.
Backing off the throttle will turn your motive grip into front lateral grip,
and simultaneously unweight the rear end so all of a sudden the front
has more lateral grip, and the rear and it should swing right out. Since
you're already in 2nd gear you should have all the power you need to pull
yourself out of the slide. You can help it with the e-brake but
I find the best drifts are done without it.
If you want to guarantee that the rear comes out find an open
lot and simply start doing slaloms while accelerating through 2nd
and at some point let off midturn. You'll feel the grip getting
less and less as the car throws its weight back and forth and
if you time it right you should be able to completely lose the back end.
Get back on the gas when it happens and pull out.
Of course the best place to fling the rear end of the car around
is at the Auto-X.
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Re: drfiting (Daemon42)

i second the fact that the ebrake isn't necessary. it might swing too far also, so get used to the drop throttle technique first. i like to chop off the throttle right at turn in when i really want it to come around alot. just make sure you're ready to get back on the gas before it comes around too far.
Re: drfiting (M this 1!)

I find drifting FWD car without e-brake is really hard... tends to understeer than oversteer...
another cool thing to do is 4-wheel drifting... but man, I kinda chickened that one out... so, never tried 4-wheel drifting... probably if I have some crappy old RWD car, I'd try...
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Re: drfiting (rdelario)

quote:[HR][/HR]I find drifting FWD car without e-brake is really hard... tends to understeer than oversteer...
If you're trying to do it without a sway bar and by mashing *on* the gas rather than getting
off, then yes, the primary trait will be understeer. Read what was said above. It works.
And I was able to drift my mk3 GTI-VR6 stock (by accident a a couple times), and I did
it in a Mk4 GTI-VR6 with a salesman in the car on a test drive (also by accident).
With a big rear bar it's much easier.
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