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Drive by wire opinions

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I test drove a GLX yesterday,though I liked it I found the throttle a little odd. What is the benifit to the DBW,any info would be welcomed. Thanks
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Re: Drive by wire opinions (JD)

DBW ofers more precice cruise control as a benefit. The real reason is for ASR & EDL. It offers more precice control of those 2 features. Is you've ever driven a Vette or early 90's Benz with those earlier ASR systems they were very obtrusive. You'd feel the gas pedal kicking back at you as the ASR motor tried to back off throttle. With DBW you don't feel or hear a thing.
Re: Drive by wire opinions (JD)

DBW is the single biggest drawback to our car. You have to consciously lift off the throttle before enganging the clutch to give the computer time to react. It is vastly different than shifting a Honda which can be done very fast. I used to loathe the tiptronic, but I think most of the fault lies in the DBW. On the highway when I mash the throttle in say 4th gear for a quick pass or to merge there is a lag, then a grande thrust forward.
I do have to say the cruise control is very stable.
Re: Drive by wire opinions (MTBer)

When I worked for VW, the non DBW Tip's felt that way too. Maybe you should consider a Tip chip.... It really transforms the performance of that otherwise fine transmission.
Re: Drive by wire opinions (VWGUY4EVER)

I just got my GLX 5 spd so I'm still forming my opinions. However I do notice the throttle is a little jerky it's hard for me to drive it smooth. My 92 Maxima is not as jerky but maybe it's just a learning curve thing.
Re: Drive by wire opinions (Autobahn7)

I think you are comparing apples and oranges.....
Re: Drive by wire opinions (JD)

The "drive by wire" or "E-gas" function of the Bosch ME-Motronic on my 1.8T has been totally transparent to me. I read other posts about strange DBW behavior with curiosity...maybe it's more of a Tiptronic thing? (I have a manual) I for one love the rock-steady cruise control, and the ASR in winter driving conditions.
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