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Hello gentlemen,
I tried to fix my wheel bearing myself on my 2003 A4 and I have come up with some problems. I got as far as removing the hub. I cannot for the life of me take off the wheel bearing housing. It seems to have corroded on the spindle. I tried to take off the spindle but I came up on some problems as well. I tried to take off the bottom (arm I guess) to take to the shop to press the bearing out and as I tried to bang it out from the bottom, I have screwed up the threads. Needless to say I could not remove the spindle due to the difficulty in the age and corrosion. Any way to remedy this?

The car is in my garage and I cannot move it. Does anyone in the area have tools and know how to help my fix this? I am in the Philadelphia Area and the car is in Drexel Hill PA. I'm willing to pay for the help. I just want to get her moving again. My number is 267-909-5940 and email is [email protected].

Thank you.
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