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Eyeballing the Audi A1 e-tron, there is absolutely nothing retro about the car - from a design steeped in the most modern of Audi brand design language to the electric propulsion straight out of the future. Still, consider the details and there is something decidedly familiar about it, something fitting and totally in line with Audi history.

Not to confuse, it should be stated that the A1 e-tron you see here is neither concept car nor production car. A very similar A1 e-tron design study was shown earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show. Based on that concept, Audi went ahead and built several drivable prototypes in the same “Audi Mint Pearl Effect” paint of the concept car, accented by dark grey roof arches and carbon fiber use on both the roof and on the inner wheels. And though Ingolstadt is not officially confirming anything when it comes to the A1 e-tron, it’s not hard to spot the electric power lines through the trees when you are presented with at least two drivable examples live and in the alloy, just sitting there on the tarmac.

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