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Driver power seat not working properly (2002 GLX)

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Was wondering if anyone had this same problem. The power seat on the driver's side has been working funny and I've only had the car for a month. When the seat is at certain positions, everytime I want to move it in a certain direction I have to press that button twice. For example, if I want to recline the seat, I press once and nothings happens and then I press it again and it will work.
Another symptom is sometimes I press a direction and it will start right away, but then it will stop before it reaches the farthest it could go. I then have to press it again for it to go all the way to the end.
Any help would be appreciated,
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Re: Driver power seat not working properly (mnguye8)

Normal. It's a safety feature. If the button somehow got jammed while you were driving, it wouldn't continue to move until it got the second tap. Likewise, through long ranges of travel, it will not go through the full range of motion to prevent someone from getting squarshed against the steering wheel or something. When you start playing with the memory buttons, you'll probably notice the same behavior. Tap the button and as the seat adjusts itself, if it has a particularly long range of motion through which to travel, it will pause after a few inches and wait to be tapped again.

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Re: Driver power seat not working properly (VeeDubDude)

I don't think it's normal. Mine worked fine for around two months and started doing the same exact thing as you described. Have a 10 K exam scheduled next week and this is included in my "list" of things to check.
Re: Driver power seat not working properly (Fritzenheimer)

Let me know if the 10k checkup finds anything. I might bring it in this week as well. It's really annoying because when either my wife or myself use our key to set the seat to our memorized position, it won't go all the way and we have to push the memory button to finish the job. Makes the key-memory position feature pretty useless.
Re: Driver power seat not working properly (mnguye8)

Not normal. Had the same thing develope with mine, as well as the memory button had to be held to work. Brought it in and was determined that a solenoid (sp?) was faulty. Was repaired and all is and has been fine since. That was about 10,000 miles ago.
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