Believe it or not, we're halfway through December already, with holidays approaching (or already over) at a rate that we're not quite ready to accept.  In order to assist in the gift-buying process, DriverGear has extended an offer of 20% off on much of their catalog, exclusive to VWvortex users with the promo code VORTEX20.  Check out the full details below-

*20% off excludes Genuine Volkswagen Accessories, VW DriverGear gift cards, eCertificates, and sale items. Cannot be combined with other offers. Other restrictions may apply. Offer expires December 31 st , 2015.

Seeing as 20% is nothing to scoff at, we combed through to find some of the more interesting finds.  Here are just a few of the items we've got our eye on.

DriverGear OGIO Plaid Backpack


Once upon a time, we genuinely thought graduating from school meant graduating from backpacks as well.  We've since found that this is not the case, as business travel and weekend trips have proven these things to be invaluable.  And since you've got to use one, it might as well be a bit more grown-up than that old LL Bean with your initials stitched in.  Featuring space for a 17" laptop, plaid exterior and a prominent VW logo, DriverGear's OGIO backpack  is guaranteed to be incredibly useful for years to come.

Motorsport Jacket

varx jacket

Every time we head to a Red Bull Global Rallycross race, Volkswagen Motorsport team members can be seen wearing this jacket .  And every time, we get just a little bit more jealous.  Featuring Volkswagen's "Rally the World' branding on the front, and Rallycross-specific VARX (Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross) logo out back, it's just nerdy enough to tickle our fancy.  Couple that lust with this 20% discount offer, and it just might waiting under our tree in ten days.

2016 Volkswagen Motorsport Calendar


A staple of our office each year, the Volkswagen Motorsport calendar features some of the best photography the motorsports world has to offer, catered directly to the Volkswagen enthusiast.  At just $6 , it sure beats anything you'd find at a mall kiosk, or get from the local office supply company.

Carbon Fiber Pen


So you work in an office, but you still want a subtle way to show off your affinity for both the brand and advanced construction techniques?  Enter Volkswagen's Carbon Fiber Pen .  Yes, it cost $24.  But it's made from carbon fiber, and therefore totally worth every cent.

None of those items up your alley?  Check out the full catalog for more gift ideas.