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Driver's Edition MSRP (Jamie?)

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Some time earlier last month you posted the following in the 'Forum News Exclusives' forum:
>> This is a very good point to which I will only add that the brake upgrades, BBS RC wheels (not cheap even when volume discounted), body kit, brushed metal trim pieces, recaro seats, unique exhaust and more are all produced *only* for this car (meaning low volume). There isn't the volume cost advantage working in this cars favor. The Jetta GLI on the other hand is using parts commonly found on other cars already.
We know the real price Volkswagen is shooting for with the 25th Anniversary GTI, but obviously aren't going to set ourselves (or Volkswagen) up so we can disappoint potential customers if it can't be met and ends up higher. You're on the right track though...
-jamie >>
The 'right track' referred to at the time was an MSRP of <$22k for the upcoming DE, hypothetically posted by another vortexer.
Can you tell us if there are any other indications (however small) from VW about the release price? You also mentioned that you guys actually know the price that VW are shooting for but would not disclose it, not wanting to disappoint if it doesn't come to fruition.
Are we any further forward with this? C'mon Jamie! Squeal! I have a deposit down and I want to know what the final damage is likely to be.


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Re: Driver's Edition MSRP (highbpm)

You forgot to ask him what kind of beer he likes!

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Re: Driver's Edition MSRP (EZ)

All I can say is that you will all be VERY happy and that the above estimate *looks* like it will happen.
Re: Driver's Edition MSRP (vwvortex1)

(Homer Simpson) WOO-HOO!
That's fantastic news. So, you've seen the pictures and you know the price - could you make us any more anxious????
Can't you spill the beans?

Oh, and ......umm... what kind of beer do you like?

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Re: Driver's Edition MSRP (highbpm)

Any more news on MSRP??
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Re: Driver's Edition MSRP (highbpm)

i had a dealer tell me $22.9k...which was then confirmed by the dealer at which i deposited...but jaimie (vwvortex) has said he does not agree...so...
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