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Driver's side door RATTLE?!?!

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I'm certain someone here has this annoying rattle around the locks of the driver's side door. I just bought the car 2 weeks ago, and the first thing I noticed was this rattle (when I hit bumps, uneven pavement, etc.) around the area of the door locks. It's a 2k GTI w/20k miles. Any way I can correct this?
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Re: Driver's side door RATTLE?!?! (UnderpantsGnome)

Should this be under problems?
Re: Driver's side door RATTLE?!?! (UnderpantsGnome)

push hard on the door panels....otherwise, i have rattles all throughout my cabin...welcome to vw...
Re: Driver's side door RATTLE?!?! (UnderpantsGnome)

If you do a search you'll get 1241049 matches for that topic

2 things :
- lube/grease the latch mechanism
- tape the U metal thing on the door frame on which the door mechanism closes (dunno the exact name, sorry)
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Re: Driver's side door RATTLE?!?! (TRBO-GTI)

I have the same problem, exactly what you discribed.
I have wolfseburg 01, I took it back to dealer couple of time the second time they fixed it, but this fix didn't last more than 2 weeks.
did I mention that they busted the cruise control ?
Re: Driver's side door RATTLE?!?! (UnderpantsGnome)

Try wrapping tape (electrical or duct) around the striker pin in the frame.
You can also try adjusting the pin in or out, up or down, to see if it eliminates the rattles. If you do this, make sure you move it in small increments, as you can make the door out of alignment with the other body panels.
Take all the interior panels off and hunt down the rattle if you think it is inside.
Lube the door striker with some white lithium grease. Stay away from WD40 as this tends to break down whatever lube is already in there, and will more than likely only be a temporary solution (at least, that's what a couple people have experienced).
Me, I've just lived with it. It's not all that bad ... but I agree, these cars should not have all these rattles and squeeks. Like someone else said, welcome to vw.
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Re: Driver's side door RATTLE?!?! (moclov)

Just tell VW to fix it, They fixed mine

and dont mess around with the door pins.
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Re: Driver's side door RATTLE?!?! (UnderpantsGnome)

you mean the locks as in the pin where the lil LED is? or somewhere else? if its the pin by led, and its more of a buzzing sound then thats something else..
my passenger side front door still chatters... it may be the window.. i dunno.. its more when its cold...
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