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Driveshaft wearing on swaybar?

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I know this should go in suspension tuning but I never get a reply there. I have the KW VarientII's on chubs and it is making a high pitch squel one left hand turns. I can get under the car and see a line on the drive shaft and a tinny tiny silver mark on the swaybar (would expect much larger mark).
So I just got the Freedom Design front sway bar end links and put them on last night so I can change the angle of the swaybar. I made it shorter (about a 1/4 inch). I went out testing and here is what I have found, I can do turns as hard as I want as long as I am giving it throttle. But if I go into a turn and say 10mph and let off the gas before the turn I will hear the squel. On the same turn I can go 3 times the speed say 40mph and keep it lifted by throttle and nothing (be aware that the tires are rolling over themselves, the suspension is fully tilted).
So I go back into my pit (garage) and put it on the lifts (rhino ramps) and to my amazement there is no rubbing that I can see yet on the sway bar. Maybe it just takes longer to mark then I expect but is maybe something else I am missing. I know people are running their cars much lower with no problem.
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Re: Driveshaft wearing on swaybar? (Kode)

Are the KW II's height adjustable? If so raise them or you chance doing serious harm. Could be that you are also making contact with the fender take a look there to see any polished spots. Also check your tires for waer spots.
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